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We are an internet-based company that sells hundreds of different styles of USB drives that can all be customised with your logo! We supply all of our quality USBs at competitive bulk pricing and ship to anywhere in Australia. You will find a huge range of variety on our website as we have USBs made of plastic, metal, leather and even eco-friendly material!

We Sell Lots of These USBs...

Best Seller
Dirt Cheap USB Drive
Dirt Cheap USB Drives come in a range of sizes and have ten year warranties as well as plenty of room for brand marketing
from $4.24 to $2.05 ea
50 min qty
Wood Look Memory Device
Wood Look Memory Devices have unique exteriors and can hold up to 32GB of space
from $4.48 to $2.51 ea
50 min qty
Pill Shaped Flash Device
Pill Shaped Flash Devices come with 10 year warranties and will easily draw eyes to your business brand
from $4.25 to $2.24 ea
50 min qty
Simple Metal USB Flash Drive
Simple Metallic USB Flash Drives are a handy promo item to hand out with your catalogue preloaded on the flash drive.
from $4.30 to $2.25 ea
50 min qty
Mini USB Device
Mini USB Devices will effectively market your company brand and have removable caps for ease of use
from $4.30 to $2.28 ea
50 min qty
Trending Product
Custom Shaped USB
Customise USBs to any shape you want with choice of memory size and packaging.
from $8.75 to $6.13 ea
50 min qty
Isidore Pen USB
Isidore Pen USBs are available in bulk and have plenty of room for a custom marketing message of your choosing
from $6.18 to $3.58 ea
50 min qty
Rounded Wooden USB Flash Drive
Rounded Wooden USB Flash Drives are popular eco friendly usb memory sticks.
from $4.48 to $2.51 ea
50 min qty

The Latest Custom USBs...

Pen USB Memory Stick
Branded Cal Pen Flash Drives can be used at home, work, or while travelling.
from $6.94 to $3.76 ea
50 min qty
USB Tin Pen Gift Box
USB Tin Pen Gift Box can feature your custom branding.
from $3.12 to $2.63 ea
250 min qty
Round Tin USB Gift Box
Promotional Round Tin USB Gift Box measures 65mm in diameter and 40mm in height.
from $2.97 to $2.38 ea
250 min qty
Wooden Sliding Box
Branded Wooden Sliding Box has an easy-to-use lid.
from $2.99 to $2.62 ea
50 min qty
Wooden Magnetic Box
Custom Wooden Magnetic Boxes are great for environmental and nature-related organisations.
from $4.19 to $3.67 ea
50 min qty
Clear Slim Magnetic Case
Clear Slim Magnetic Cases can contain your promotional flash drive.
from $1.15 to $1.01 ea
50 min qty
Magnetic Closure Gift Box
Magnetic Closure Gift Box looks great with your branded information on.
from $2.22 to $1.95 ea
50 min qty
Large Tin Case
Promotional Large Tin Cases are great giveaways with USBs.
from $2.82 to $2.46 ea
50 min qty

We're all aware of the massive changes that technology has brought to both our personal and working lives. It's become necessary to also change our marketing strategies to conform to the new technological world we find ourselves in. That's why custom USB flash drives have become such a hit in the past decade or so!

Promotional USB drives and memory disks fill many voids by being both technological necessities and a great medium for advertisement and promotion. The USB drives you'll find on our site are perfect for both of these purposes and won't break your budget with our affordable and competitive pricing.

We've got USBs to suit just about any company/situation. Whether you want just a simple plastic one that makes your logo stand out, or you're going for a more durable thumb drive with some custom engraving, we can do that too! There's no shortage of personalised USB flash drives on this site as we even have a section dedicated to those seeking to be more environmentally friendly.

In short, you've come to the right place if you're after some affordable yet quality custom USB drives that'll make your logo engrained in to the minds of everyone who sees and uses these flash drives!

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