Leather USB Flash Drives

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Kingsley Leather USB Stick
Kingsley Leather USB Stick have stud closures, quality leather exteriors and clips at the end, making them unique promo products
from $4.88 to $2.88 ea
50 min qty
Amos Memory Stick
Amos Memory Sticks include a protective lid
from $4.94 to $2.99 ea
50 min qty
Leather Swivel Flash Drive
Leather Swivel Flash Drives also come in range from 512MB to 8GB and are classy leather encased flash drives for your executive clients
from $5.31 to $3.20 ea
50 min qty
Leather Pouch USB Stick
Leather Pouch USB Sticks include a key ring attachment
from $5.45 to $3.23 ea
50 min qty
Leather Swing Flash Drive
Promotional Leather Swing Flash Drives will be used by clients for years to come.
from $5.51 to $3.28 ea
50 min qty
Leather USB Wristband
Leather USB Wristbands are built with cowhide leather and have a futuristic look that will attract people to your company identity
from $5.54 to $2.88 ea
50 min qty
Mauricio Leather Strap Flash Drive
Branded Mauricio Leather Strap Flash Drives can be ordered in larger quantities.
from $6.16 to $3.79 ea
50 min qty
Pocket Leather USB Flash Drive
Pocket Leather USB Flash Drives come encased in leather and can hold up to 8GB, along with your promotional brand
from $6.38 to $4.11 ea
50 min qty
Ozzy PU Leather Keyring Flash Drive
Ozzy PU Leather Keyring Flash Drives can be handed out at promotional events.
from $9.65 to $6.36 ea
50 min qty

Leather USB memory drives make for simple yet effective marketing opportunities for just about any business. Our site has a great range of USB devices to suit your marketing budget, such as leather bracelet USB drives, to simpler USB devices and even USB memory units with corporate appeal.

The appeal as to why these great USB flash drives would make an excellent addition to your merchandising program comes through several reasons.

First of all, these great value leather USB memory units are extremely affordable, no matter what the budget, enabling your business to deliver custom promotional gift products to a large range of your customers. However, these great quality leather USB devices are also extremely practical devices, and as such they are sure to be well received by your customers and help to enhance your corporate image.